Sightings: More Sightings

At the local park. I was walking past the local park when I saw this lovely woman walking her alsasian dog. She was a tall, short-haired brunette and was wearing a black coat covering a grey sweater and dark blue jeans. I noticed that she was holding herself quite openly. Of course she may have needed to pee for a while. I watched her for a few minutes, making sure I didn’t attract the dog’s attention as well.

At the college. When I’m not working, or updating the website, I attend the local college for two evenings a week. On one evening, my class tutor told students that there was to be a fire drill during the lesson, so when the bell rang, all the students had to leave lessons. When the drill came, all of us had to assemble in a school playground next to the college. While we were waiting, I overheard one of the female students declaring that she needed to go to the toilet badly. I looked around, and then I saw this lovely redhead, who was covered by a long black coat she was wearing, had folded her arms and slightly bent her knees in regular intervals. She had a frown on her face, suggesting that she had been holding her pee for a while.

At the Post Office. I paid a visit to the Post Office near where I live and wanted to send a parcel to a friend. While I was waiting in the queue, I found that the female staff counter assistant had been fidgeting a lot and had one hand jammed under the counter. I figured that she must have been holding herself and could not leave because the place was so busy with a lot of people queuing up and waiting to be served. When I got my parcel sent away, I saw one of her hands jammed inbetween her legs. My penis got hard as I got excited thinking about it later.

On the Underground. I was travelling on the tube towards Piccadilly Circus when I saw a young lady get on the train at Finsbury Park. She was a slim, long-haired blonde, and was wearing a white blouse and black skirt. She was carrying a plastic bag. She stood at the train doors and was holding herself openly. She needed to pee badly, but made no attempt to hide her predicament with her bag. I bet a lot of men- and some women- were watching her. I desperately wanted her to wet herself. Unfortunately, I had to get off the train at Piccadilly Circus. I caught a last glimpse of her went the train pulled away. I thought about her for a long while. I wondered whether she did wet herself.

Sightings: Workmates

I overheard two male workmates having a conversation whilst walking home recently. They were roadsweepers, like postal workers, have to work outdoors in most weathers, even when it is cold and freezing.

“Thank god it isn’t cold today,” said the first one.

“Why’s that?” asked the other.

“Well, if it was, at times you gonna want to need to piss, innit?”

They both laugh.

“I’m a bit lucky, because there are three sets of toilets in my area- two cafes and a DIY shop.”

“You lucky bastard! There aren’t any in my area, and if I need to go, then I just have to hold it. but if I can’t make it, either I find an alleyway to pee or just piss myself!”

“Good grief, do you?”

“You gotta go sometime, and if you can’t hold it, you gotta do it.”

“The amount of times I’ve been desperate, I thought I’ve had it hard, but you have got it worse.”

They got onto a bus they were waiting for. I could not believe these grown men were talking like that so openly.

Sightings: Easter Sightings

Fairground Sighting. I went down to the Easter funfair at our local park. As the weather was warm, there were a lot of soft drinks that people could have. While I was waiting in the queue to get on one of the small rides, I noticed this lovely black woman. She looked extremely tall and was wearing a red t-shirt with a sequined heart on it, and sky blue tight-fitting jeans. I noticed that she was fidgeting a little…. I didn’t think much of it. Suddenly, she ran off. I wondered what was going on with her. After I had been on the ride, I looked for this woman. I then saw her almost hiding behind a tree. Her friend was with her. She turned to her friend and I could see that her jeans were drenched. She had wet herself totally!

Still in The Park. I was still in the park when I sat down on the grass a few metres away from a young mother, who had her two children with her. She was a redhead with a slim figure, and was wearing a yellow dress with printed flowers on it. She was sitting cross-legged  with one hand inbetween her legs while she was watching them playing. After a while, she started to fidget and delved her hand in even further. She must have needed to go for a long time, but couldn’t do so, as there weren’t any toilets in the park. She would’ve had to hold it before she wanted to go home. It must’ve been embarrassing for her.

The Ice Cream Van. I was standing in a long queue to get an ice cream from the mobile van. In front of me were these two young ladies. One of them, a long-haired blonde, seemed to be in distress. She had been fidgeting for a while, and looked like she was going to lose it.

“Oh, if this queue doesn’t go any faster, I’ll wet myself!” she said to her friend, a short-haired blonde.

“Why don’t you go to the toilet so I can buy your ice cream for you?” asked her friend.

“No way!” she replied. “I need to choose which one I wanted.”

After overhearing that, my penis went as stiff as a board. As I was wearing loose jeans, the erection didn’t show. I was looking at the desperate lady in anticipation that she’ll wet herself. A few moments later, she grabbed her crotch through her black trousers with one hand, bent double and did curtsy. It was wonderful to see female desperation close up. Suddenly, she turned to me.

What are you looking at?” she snapped angrily. Her friend laughed.

“Er, nothing,” I replied, weakly, and my face blushed with embarrassment.

PERVERT!” she shouted, and dragged herself with her friend out of the queue. I had that stiffy in my jeans for a long time after that.

Sightings: New Year's Sighting

I was in London’s Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve, and I was on the lookout for any potential sightings. I saw this lovely slim lady, who had short blonde hair, and was wearing a fake white fur coat covering a white shirt, a knee-length black skirt with leather boots. she was carrying a bottle of champagne.

While she drank from the bottle, I saw that she started to grab herself through her crotch. She had done the usual desperation, pee dances, curtsy, etc. She then started to walk through the crowds towards Charing Cross Road, and I discreetly followed her.

She was still grabbing herself, but more tightly now. My penis got hard over the prospect of a young lady on the verge of wetting herself. She tried frantically to find somewhere to relieve herself, and I was trying to keep up with her.

However, my prayers were answered when she went to this metal fence outside an office building, and started to lean on it, still grabbing herself. Then I saw a wet puddle form from under her legs…. she was wetting herself. It must’ve been gushing out of her for over a minute…. that made me miss the Big Ben bongs!

Sightings: Park Sighting

A few weeks ago, I was in a local park with a few of my friends when I saw this lovely woman jogging past. She had light brown hair tied in a knot, and was wearing a light bue tracksuit with black trim that complemented her sexy curves, and white trainers.

While I was staring at her, she stopped for a bit. She looked worried and then jogged on. There was a perimeter path along the inside of the park where most joggers go. A bit further down, she stopped again and grabbed herself with both her hands. I guessed at that point that she was desperate for the toilet.

The problem for her was that there weren’t any toilets in this particular park. I was watching her for a few moments, then my friends called out to me and I went to talk to them.

A few minutes later, the woman jogged past us again, and I saw a view of a small wet patch on the back of her tracksuit bottoms. I stood mesmerised while watching her dark spot. I got home later, thinking about her. I went back to the park several times just to see this woman, but I’ve not seen her since that day.