Stories: Wen Zhao (Desperation On The Field Trip)

Wen Zhao was a very pretty Chinese girl, around 25 years of age, who was a geology student. Now she was abroad for the first time during her studies, on a field trip in Brazil. This was the first day on the field trip, and the weather was very hot.

The heat made Wen Zhao and the other participants need to drink quite a lot of the water they were carrying with them in bottles. At the same time, she was somewhat reluctant of drinking too much, as she was quite shy about going to the toilet and worried about how she should do when out in the bush.

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Stories: Relief After a Long Day

I was doing some geological field work, and as assistant I had got a young female geology student. Her name was Rebecca, and she was a very good-looking chocolate-coloured afro girl a bit above twenty, so I was not disappointed.

We had left quite early in the morning, I picked her up by car, and we drove for a couple of hours to the field area. We then worked outdoors the whole day, having a picnic lunch with tea or coffee and sandwiches midway through the work.

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Stories: Miss Niagara Falls

My name is Tanya, I am a 20-year-old afro-american girl, not very dark, but with a brownish skin colour, black hair and a good figure, which makes me look very attractive according to many others.

Last year I was in Norway, as an exchange student, and that is where this rather embarrassing story took place.

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Stories: Xiao Ling (Miss Yellow River)

Xiao Ling was a pretty young Chinese girl, a bit above 20, who had come to Finland to do her Ph.d thesis in geology.

As part of her project, she was taking part in a field trip by bus, looking at rocks at various outcrops in Central Finland, together with many geologists from several other countries, some older and some of her own age, a few other women, but most of them men.

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Stories: Trouble at the conference

By George Private

Yu Ling was a young pretty Chinese reasearch student in geology, who was going to her first international scientific conference abroad.

She had come there the day before, and spent the night at her hotel. The morning the conference started, she took a local bus out to the university campus where the conference took place.

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