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Stories: Leah’s ‘Sheety’ Day

Story by Desperation Lover 122.


Leah. A 5ft, 9in girl with a slim body, about size 36c breasts, and apparently has a very weak bladder. Her hair is a nice mix between dirty blonde and light brown.

Dan. He’s 6ft, tall and muscular. He works as a utility/facility man at the Sheetz gas station, and has a secret fetish for desperate women who need to use the restrooms.

“Dan, come out here!” called Sally from the main room. Dan came out quick.

“What is it?” he asked curiously.

“The ladies’ bathroom is flooded, go and try to at least stop the water!” she ordered.

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Stories: Cindy at the Ball

It was Friday, and Cindy had sat down in the office canteen, feeling unhappy, and wondering what to do. She wanted to go to the charity ball that night, but couldn’t because she wasn’t a regular employee.

She had got very friendly with that tall and handsome man Daniel in the accounts section, and wanted to go with him. The problem was that she works as a cleaner, and the hours that she worked were different to Danny’s. She also had to put up with her awful boss Mrs James, who was very strict about cleaning standards in the office.

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Stories: Groping Shona Part 3: Weekend Break

After the first wet encounter with Shona, we got discreetly together and have a brilliant wet sex life. However, recently, the manager at our workplace had changed our shifts.

Shona  still had the mornings, but I was shifted, against my will to the afternoons, which started at noon and finished at seven, so when I got home, I was often too tired to go to bed with her.

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Stories: Under His Spell

Janis has long been fascinated by hypnotists. She would often go to shows and sit in the audience and laugh as a performer would put unsuspecting guests under his spell, and asking them to do whatever he wanted.

One afternoon, she read in a newspaper advert that the famed hypnotist Dan James would be appearing in her local theatre. As there would be a rush to buy tickets for the show, she was very lucky to get one.

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Stories: Mary Christmas

Mary needed some extra money so she could buy more presents for her family at Christmas. After applying… and failing…. to get employment elsewhere, she had looked in the newspaper to see this job advert:


When she applied for the job, she was asked to go to the store recruitment office, where she found out to be the only female in a room of mainly of old and middle-aged men.

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