Stories: Leah’s ‘Sheety’ Day

Story by Desperation Lover 122.


Leah. A 5ft, 9in girl with a slim body, about size 36c breasts, and apparently has a very weak bladder. Her hair is a nice mix between dirty blonde and light brown.

Dan. He’s 6ft, tall and muscular. He works as a utility/facility man at the Sheetz gas station, and has a secret fetish for desperate women who need to use the restrooms.

“Dan, come out here!” called Sally from the main room. Dan came out quick.

“What is it?” he asked curiously.

“The ladies’ bathroom is flooded, go and try to at least stop the water!” she ordered.

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Stories: Groping Shona Part 3: Weekend Break

After the first wet encounter with Shona, we got discreetly together and have a brilliant wet sex life. However, recently, the manager at our workplace had changed our shifts.

Shona  still had the mornings, but I was shifted, against my will to the afternoons, which started at noon and finished at seven, so when I got home, I was often too tired to go to bed with her.

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Stories: Under His Spell

Janis has long been fascinated by hypnotists. She would often go to shows and sit in the audience and laugh as a performer would put unsuspecting guests under his spell, and asking them to do whatever he wanted.

One afternoon, she read in a newspaper advert that the famed hypnotist Dan James would be appearing in her local theatre. As there would be a rush to buy tickets for the show, she was very lucky to get one.

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Stories: Groping Shona Part 2: The Date

After the deliciously sexy encounter I had with Shona in the cupboard at work, we exchanged our phone numbers, but rarely contacted each other outside work. Now, at almost every waking moment, I keep thinking about her.

At work, I would plan my movements so they could mean walking past her desk at regular intervals. At weekends, while I was out shopping, at the launderette washing my clothes, or even going out with fellow colleagues or friends, I would remind myself of that incident and wonder how I would get the chance to go out with her again. At night, before I went to bed, I would fantasize about her needing to wee while masturbating. I wanted to see her in private again so badly.

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Stories: Groping Shona

I’ve always fancied Shona. As soon as she came into the office every morning, me and most of the other male colleagues felt our dicks stiffen upwards. She has shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes and a lovely smile with a sexy figure. She often wore figure hugging clothes, and always tended to wiggle her hips every time she walked around us. From the first day she arrived four months ago, she became very popular.

One particular day, the weather was hot, so the office felt like being in a sauna. We were all probably sweating in our clothes and drinking a lot of fluid from the drinks machine, Shona more so.

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