Stories: Judy and David’s Valentine’s Night

It was St Valentine’s Day, and Judy was getting dressed up to go out with her boyfriend, David. She put on a long, silky red dress that reached down to her ankles. Underneath, she had bought a matching bra and panties set that fitted her nicely.

She then put on a nice pair of black high-heeled shoes. She was then ready. The bell rang on her front door and she rushed to open it. It was David. They exchanged a long, lingering kiss before setting off.

Judy and David entered a restaurant in the High Street. They got to sit at their booked table and then went to have their meal. They both had a lot to drink, so before the evening was over, they said to each other that they were both dying for a pee. David’s position wasn’t so bad, but Judy was absolutely bursting. She had not been since that afternoon…. she was probably too busy getting ready for the dinner to think about going to the toilet.

Although they were desperate, they decided to play a game of hold-it and wait until they got home before they wanted to go. Throughout the evening they fidgeted, grabbed themselves and discreetly talked dirty to each other, which got them excited. Soon, it was time for Judy and David to leave, and so they booked a taxi to go to the local nightclub, where they had a couple of drinks each.

They even went onto the dancefloor, where they hugged each other close, putting a lot of pressure on their bladders…. they felt full alright. Judy suddenly grabbed herself. She was on the verge of wetting herself, but somehow managed to keep control. David was getting into the same state as Judy was in and pretended to pace up and down on the spot while he was dancing. They were now very desperate and David wanted to go to the toilet there and then, but Judy asked him not to and urged him to hold on like her.

Soon, the nightclub was closing and they were among the last to leave. They managed to get a taxi home. However, when they got across the front door, David grabbed Judy by one arm.

Don’t go yet! I’m so randy that I want to make love to you!” he said.

But I can’t, I need to go now!” Judy pleaded.

“I want us to fuck- right now!” said David, and they took off all their clothes and climbed onto the kitchen table. They were now naked apart from Judy’s black panties. She pulled them aside to show her willing pussy. David didn’t think twice and slammed his prick into her and started humping.

After half an hour, Judy screamed, “I’m coming, I can’t hold it any longer!” Within moments, both of them had a massive orgasm… then Judy let out a huge jet of pee which squirted onto David’s stomach. He put the gusset of the panties onto Judy’s pussy and saw the material glisten as they got wet. Now it was David’s turn…. he positioned his penis over her body and unleashed a jet of pee as if it was a fire hose. He waved it all over her body as the pee spalshed onto her. Then they collapsed on the table, savouring what a great night they had.