Experiences: Why Are Both Desperation And Knicker Wetting So Erotic?

This above question has been asked many times. Why do many people find this fetish enjoyable? The task of holding one’s urine to the point of no return means nothing to the ordinary person in the street. To many wet fans however, there is the sheer excitement of waiting until the last possible moment.

First of all, a person drinks a lot of fluid, then avoids going to the bathroom for as long as possible and waits…. and waits. Then there is the setting, like a cinema, a fairground, conference hall, even your own home, or dare to do it outdoors. A person either does it by herself or with a partner or friend. The actions include repeated crossing of legs, running on the spot, or holding one’s crotch through clothing or just being naked. To me, this is very exciting.

I work out of doors, so often I see people walking around. When I have my regular break, I sit in either the local cafe or pub and watch peoples’ sitting habits. If a woman has her legs crossed, I imagine that they need to pee, but they would certainly hold it. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I see some wet stains on trousers, skirts and jeans, but this is a rarity.

Sometimes I see a nice Page 3 model in a newspaper, I decide to masturbate about her needing to pee or I might buy a knicker-wetting adult video to see a girl get distressed for a while before she finally lets go in her clothing. I’m mainly interested in a woman becoming desperate more than the wetting, because it lasts long- the bladder can be stretched to the limit in any situation, even up to 24 hours, I’ve been told…. but there is always risk of damage to the kidneys.

All of us have wet ourselves a few times in our lives, but many of us actually take this to adulthood- I wonder why? Maybe it is because we like the thrill of holding it, the ecstasy and the panic. Some people actually like wetting themselves a lot. I certainly like these scenarios, when I get the chance….some of the time.

Thank heavens we have the internet, because it’s no good many of us, who love this delicate but adult subject, continue writing to each other by letter. It would cost a lot of money in postage and the amount of trees that would have to be cut down…