Stories: Leah’s ‘Sheety’ Day

Story by Desperation Lover 122.


Leah. A 5ft, 9in girl with a slim body, about size 36c breasts, and apparently has a very weak bladder. Her hair is a nice mix between dirty blonde and light brown.

Dan. He’s 6ft, tall and muscular. He works as a utility/facility man at the Sheetz gas station, and has a secret fetish for desperate women who need to use the restrooms.

“Dan, come out here!” called Sally from the main room. Dan came out quick.

“What is it?” he asked curiously.

“The ladies’ bathroom is flooded, go and try to at least stop the water!” she ordered.

Dan cursed about everything breaking under his breath, then came to realize the seriousness of the issue the second he walked into the ladies room. He put a pole in the door frame, a very obvious “The bathroom is closed” sign that all languages most people can understand, though not all will listen.

There was water everywhere, the line to the toilet in the handicapped stall had come completely off, and there was too much pressure to easily connect it.

“Sally, send someone down to Wal-Mart to get some seal for this please, or the whole store will be flooded.”

It wasn’t five seconds before Sally responded with “We’re busy, I will when we slow down, you will just have to hold it!”

Dan cursed at the radio and knew that meant that it would take awhile, we are always busy. He grabbed some paper towels and placed the pipe back on the toilet and tightened the bolt, which only slowed the flow, with no seal it leaked right through. He then wrapped the pipe in paper towels and duct tape, to slow the water to a slow stream. He was working on cleaning the huge mess of water up when Leah walked up.

Oh no!!!

Dan hears, he looks up, there Leah stood, leaning forward crossing her legs, and staring right at him.

“Um, can I use the toilet really quick please?” she asked, looking at his name tag.

Dan looked her up and down and asked, “Um, can it wait, because this place is a wreck and well, I have to stop the water?”

She looked at him desperately. “I can’t wait, I really have to pee!”.

Dan looked at her and started to say, “Well, I guess really go…”

Whoosh!!! Dan looks over and the bolt had come undone due to the pressure and he jumped over to hold it into place.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but there is no way you can use this toilet right now.”

Leah moaned and looked over. “Well, what about the other one, its working, right?” She asked demandingly.

“Well yes, but I have to hold this and you can’t go in if I’m in there.”

Leah moaned. “It’s ok, I really don’t mind you in there.”

Dan laughed and said: “Well, I would let you but I can’t, they would fire me if they ever found out, you will have to wait or go somewhere else, I’m sorry”.

“Ok,” Leah sighed, and began to walk away but froze mid-step. Dan looked curiously, as she grabbed herself and moaned.

Shit shit shit, I have to pee!

Leah crossed her legs, and grabbed her pussy tight, her short black skirt covered her white panties, but when she grabbed herself it rode up a bit and Dan saw her panties. They looked a bit damp, but he couldn’t tell.

“I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think I can make it!” she said.

Dan sighed and apologized.

“I’m really sorry, hang on.” He grabbed his radio. “Hey Sally, is anyone going to be able to go get that part soon?”

“Yeah,” Sally replied back, “in probably a half an hour, be patient.”

HALF AN HOUR?” Leah shrieked. “I have to go so bad, it’s been hours!!”

Dan sympathetically apologized and asked why she had waited so long, so she told her story.

“Well, it started this morning, I got up to the sound of my alarm, I was running way late, I had to be at work in twenty minutes and it took fifteen to drive there, so I had to hurry out of bed, throw some clothes on. I bent over in agony as I realized that I had to pee badly, but looked at the clock again and realized I could pee later, but I needed to grab my coffee really quick since the coffee pot at work was broken and I refuse to spend five dollars for a cup of coffee. I ran out the door and drove fast with my coffee in one hand and my make-up in the other. I got to work just in time, my boss met me as soon as I got inside.”

Leah went on: “He claimed that I was almost late just as I clocked in right at Eight in the morning. ‘I guess that means you are the one with this privilege,’ as he handed me a large envelope,’You get to drive to Winchester to deliver these, and be quick about it there already late.’ I sighed, ‘Well ok,’ I told him, ‘I set them down and said I am going to the bathroom really quick, then I can go.’ But he grabbed my arm and said, ‘No, you can pee later, go now, these have to be there ASAP,’ and that was supposed to be fifteen minutes ago, but the overnight guy missed them. I ran out the door with the letter and got into my car.”

She bent over in pain and clenched every muscle in her poor exhausted pussy tight, and when she moved and pulled her skirt up to assess the damage before realizing that Dan was right there. He turned his head quick but had noticed a quarter-size wet spot on her panties.

“Maybe I can use the men’s room?” she asked, but she turned and noticed that there were men coming in and out a few times a minute and decided against it as they were probably filthy anyway. Dan asked her what happened next, and she looked at him and smiled, realizing that he honestly cared about her predicament and continued with her extremely detailed story.

“Well, I got in my car and started to drive, I hopped on the interstate and drove, as soon as I passed exit 12b I realized something. Shit, that was the last bathroom until Winchester, I am going to have to hold it. I downed the rest of my 32oz coffee; my whole mouth was as dry as anything. For some reason coffee does that to me, so I opened a water bottle and downed the whole thing. I kept driving crossing and uncrossing my legs, realizing that I really had to pee and I didn’t know if I was going to make it, so I did what I had to do. I opened my Thermos flask, and put my car on cruise control as I slipped out of my shoes and then panties, which I will admit took a little skill to do while driving. I pushed my bladder to let go of its enormous contents. At first it didn’t want to, but then it came out all at once, I sighed in relief and tried to drive and hold the Thermos and pee all at the same time.”

“Of course, after not even five seconds of relief, my phone rang, I looked down and noticed it was my boss and I had to answer, so I cut off my stream which took some effort, and I screwed the lid on the Thermos in a hurry and made sure it was tight, and answered my phone on last ring. My phone was against my shoulder and ear, and I had one hand on my steering wheel and the other in my lap, holding on for dear life that I didn’t pee in my car.”

Leah stopped and looked up at Dan. “I’m sorry, this is probably way too much detail, isn’t it?”

Dan looked at her and shook his head.

“Oh no, I’m not shy, doesn’t bother me.” So, she smiled and went to continue, holding herself even tighter. But what Dan didn’t know is that she was into holding it until the last second, and had a feeling that he liked it, so she was trying to give him a show.

“My boss had called to make sure I was on my way and that I formally gave the envelope to the HQ manager, had him sign it, and returned it. But Winchester is a two-and-a half hour drive. I assured that I would give him the envelope personally and help him with any issues on it that he had. I hung up and my mind returned to the more important thing at hand, my bulging bladder, I grabbed my Thermos, and went to open it, it wasn’t even half full. I tried to turn the lid, but it didn’t budge. I turned harder, nothing, in my quick attempt to catch the phone I screwed it on too tight, and couldn’t open it again. I nearly cried. I put my panties and shoes back on after trying a few more times to open it?.”

Leah interrupted her story again. “Um, Dan, embarrassing question?”

“Yes?” he asked.

“Um, do you have a bucket or something that I can have, in case I can’t hold it?”

Dan looked over. “Yeah, see that door right behind you. There’s a mop bucket in there.”

She turned and waddled the three steps to the door, fetched the bucket, and waddled back. She flipped it over and sat down, legs open and hands pushing down on her pussy, holding back the flood. She continued once more.

“Well I finally got there and with only damp panties, so I got out of the car with the envelope, and ran inside, first thing was first, bathroom….or so I thought. As I walked in, as casually as I could, I met my fear. The HQ manager was standing right there, he smiled and greeted me. ‘Hey, Lauren!’ the idiot didn’t even remember my name, even though I have given him countless presentations. ‘Hello sir,’ I mumbled, ‘I have these for you, and I have been instructed to present them to you, but first, do you mind if I run to the restroom really quick?’ He replied, ‘Actually Lauren I do.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry but I’m in a but hurry, so I need to get these done ASAP.’ I smiled while thinking ‘FUCK‘! I spent four agonising hours explaining the papers to him, and by the time I was done, he smiled, signed them and left. I picked up all the papers, put them back into the envelope and headed down the stairs. I ran for the bathroom, but of course, it was locked. The building was closing for the day, and it was almost six in the evening. I got into my car, and drove looking for the first place to pee, but everything was closed, it is a Sunday, and it’s after six, nothing was open. I was determined until I heard my phone again. I knew it was my boss. ‘Hello Leah, the office is closed for the night, so put those papers in the drop box. Thanks, see you Tuesday’ (The next day was Presidents’ Day holiday). I had all the time in the world but no bathroom, so I drove and drove, looking for the first 24 hour place I saw, and that was here.”

Dan looked up in amazement.

“Wow that is a long time!” he said

“Dan, someone just left to Wal-Mart to get your putty. It will probably be 10 minutes,” a colleague said. Dan smiled and looked at Leah.

“Almost there, it will only take a minute once I get the putty, so you can use the bathroom.”

Leah’s face lit up. “So, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“No, why do you ask?” Dan replied, smiling.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you did, if she knew about your little kink?” Leah said with a smile on her face.

Excuse me?” Dan stuttered.

Leah waddled into the bathroom holding herself, and whispered in his ear. “I can’t hold it any more!”

She grabbed the bucket and right in front of Dan, hiked up her skirt and panties and started peeing full force into the small scrub bucket (she had grabbed the wrong bucket, and it was really a two-litre chemical bucket) and she peed and peed until she looked down and cut off her stream, she held her pussy and jumped up hopping from one foot to another. She looked at Dan and begged, “Please dump it out, I’m going to flood the floor even more!”.

Dan was stunned, and while he tried to figured out what to do, Leah thought she heard someone coming so she pulled her skirt and panties back up. She was wrong, and that was a truly bad idea. She tried to claw at her clothes to get them back down, but all hope was lost as the flood gates opened up, and she peed right threw her white (and now clear) panties. She peed and peed and peed until every last drop was gone. She felt so horny that she slipped her hand into her panties and started to finger herself right there in front of him. Dan heard the radio.

“She’s back with the putty; she will bring it to you now.”

Leah overheard and a few seconds from an orgasm, she pulled her hand out and stepped out of the bathroom just as another employee came around the corner and gave Dan the putty, and smiled at Leah, whose black skirt luckily hid the pee.

Dan eventually fixed the leak, cleaned the bathroom, and then later him and Leah drove to his house, where she peed another time, and fingered herself right in front of him, but that wasn’t enough. She started to blow him, but only got half way through before he ended up fucking her. They ended up dating and having a very long wet future together.