Stories: Elevator Incident

I was waiting for the elevator to come and take me up to my office on the 10th floor, when a young pretty coloured girl came and joined me. It was no one I recognized, maybe she was new, or working in some department I rarely had contact with, or possibly just an outside visitor. Nevertheless, she was very good-looking.

What also struck me was that she seemed to be in a great hurry and appeared a bit uneasy while having to wait for the elevator to come. She was fidgeting around and could not stand still.

Finally, the elevator came and we both went in. There was nobody else. I pressed the 10 button and the girl pressed the 12 button with a faint and somewhat nervous smile. The elevator started, smooth as usual. But suddenly, between the 5th and the 6th floor, there was a shaking and the elevator suddenly stopped in between the floors. There was still electric light inside the elevator, so it cannot have been a complete power failure, but there was obviously some problem.

It was also quite obvious that the girl had a problem. She pressed her legs together and hit the alarm button, which had little effect. She looked very alarmed herself, and kept fidgeting around inside the small elevator space, as if she did not know what to do with herself. It was not just that she felt uneasy about being stuck inside such a small space, there was some other more pressing problem.
I tried to calm her down, saying that it was probably only a short stop, and that the elevator soon would start again. She gave a nervous smile back, but did not answer anything. A couple of minutes went by. She hit the alarm button again, and then bent forward in agony, holding herself between her legs.

“Sorry, I really have to go to the toilet”, she said in a groaning voice. “I was almost overflowing already on the way here, and hurrying as much as I could to get into my office and to the toilets. What should I do now? I was not expecting to get stuck here. If I do not get there soon, I am going to pee my pants.”

I said I felt sorry for her, but there was not so much I could do. Then I told her that if she was really that desperate, and the elevator did not start soon, I could turn my back to her if she wanted to pull down her pants and pee on the floor. But I also told her that peeing on the floor may not be such a good idea if we had to spend a long time inside the elevator. Besides, with the walls of the elevator covered in mirrors, the offer of turning my back to her would not have offered her much additional privacy.

She declined the offer, but kept bending forward, groaning and pressing with her hand between her thighs. It was clear that she was not going to be able to hold it much longer. Then I came upon another idea. “You can have my handkerchief, if you want”, I said and pulled it out of my pocket. “It is clean and unused. Fold it and put it inside your jeans. Then you can let go of some pressure, without completely flooding your pants or wetting the floor”.
The girl looked hesitantly at me, but finally grabbed the handkerchief from my hand. But then she seemed to hesitate again, not knowing what to do. “You better put it in, before it is too late”, I said with a smile. Shyly, she turned herself towards the mirrored wall, unzipped her jeans in the front, and pushed the folded cloth inside her underpants. I could see a sense of relief on her face in the mirror, as she obviously let go of some pressure. But not too much, she did not want the pee to soak through her jeans and show on the outside, so with great and visible effort, she soon held her stream back again.

Not knowing what to do now, she left the wet handkerchief in (what else could she do, after all), and tried to adjust her jeans, her zipper still half open. But she was obviously still in great and urgent need of a toilet. The small release had not eased the pressure in her bladder very much; in fact, it was more as if it triggered her bladder to want to relieve itself fully, once it had started. She tried to hold it back, but I could see she was fighting a loosing battle. She let out small screams at the same time as she let out squirt after squirt of more pee. Neither my handkerchief, nor her underpants was enough to soak it all up, and soon a wet patch started to show up on her jeans and spread down her thighs.

Eventually, she gave it all up, and there was a full flood of pee down the legs of her jeans, and forming a puddle around her feet on the elevator floor. “I am sorry, but apparently it was not enough with my handkerchief”, I said to her. She did not say a word, just sobbed a little, and when the elevator resumed its course soon after, she stopped and left it on the next level with an embarrassed look on her face.