Welcome to The Bathroom– an adult fetish website which is both inspired by and dedicated to lovers of female knicker-wetting and desperation. The mentioned fetish is the main focus of this site and contains very little sex… but it’s the very act itself that we here find truly erotic.

To make sense of the website, we’ve organised our present content into a blog-style format, split within six categories:

  • STORIES. We have a selection of watersports short stories for you to read. If you have written a story and you would like to send it to us, go to our contact page.
  • SIGHTINGS. Sightings of young women becoming desperate and or wet themselves are in this category. If you know of any recent sightings, go to our contact page.
  • IN THE NEWS is the category where watersports and toilet-related articles have been picked out of the mainstream media or on the web. If you know of any such articles, go to our contact page.
  • The previous editor of The Bathroom, Neville, left us some of his most memorable EXPERIENCES of desperation and wetting in the past, including some sent by readers. If you have any past experiences of desperation and wetting (particularly females),  go to our contact page.
  • SARAH’S SECRET DIARY. This is an archive of a true experience of a female office worker who has a fetish of knicker-wetting and desperation. The diary appeared on and off the site between 2001 and 2008. Sarah previously spun off on a separate weblog.
  • MISCELLANEOUS. Some bonus stuff which cannot be put in the other categories. If you have any ideas, go to our contact page.

Our TOILET ROLL has an updated favourite websites page. If you have a website that we may be interested in, please contact us.

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