Happy birthday to us!!!!

The Bathroom celebrates twenty years online today!!! We’ve come a long way in both content and design wise from the days when the website was launched back on May 1st 2001. We know some of you hate anniversaries, but we hope you recognise that while we have been online, plenty of other watersports websites and blogs have come and gone.

The website is also archived at The Wayback Machine.

The Bathroom’s website has gone through several versions, design and layout changes throughout the last twenty years. Here are a few of the most recent ones:





Neville, The Bathroom’s founder, is still around, and we like to thank him for having the idea (and an unoriginal name) for the website. To celebrate, let’s raise a virtual glass of bubbly together, and say, “Cheers!” Above all, we would to thank you, the loyal readers. Without you, we wouldn’t have been around for a long time. We hope you will still continue to support us in years to come.

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    1. Thanks, you have been one of our best supporters. We love Golden Showers Paradise too, and long may the website continue.

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