The first time I had got interested in female desperation and wetting was when I saw a fellow girl pupil fidgeting and holding herself in the school playground one lunchtime. She was wearing a grey jumper and black trousers. I was fascinated at the way she was grabbing her crotch so tightly. For a few days I had this image of the girl and her desperation in my mind.

In the rest of my school years, right up to my teens, I would often go into the playground every break to look for signs of girls getting desperate (I did see a few, plus one wetting). On some special occasions like parties, whenever I saw a girl becoming desperate, I would look at her, and wait if she was going to wet herself.

When I masturbate, I often dream about young women, both famous or not, getting themselves into trouble in mostly public settings. I get more excited about the desperation more than the wetting because of the steady build up to the eventual wetting. My interest came into being because when I was a child, I often wet myself a lot.

Before the internet arrived, I would look through many softcore adult mens’ magazines to search for articles containing watersports. I cut out some of the few that I have found (and still kept) and put them in a folder. I would also buy relevant videos through mail order (and still do, but less often). Now I can log on to see watersports websites from around the world. The inspiration for my creation of The Bathroom was one such website, Thomas’ Water Resource Page (now sadly defunct, website found through the internet archive). What made it unique (for me at the time) was it didn’t have many pictures. Of course, the general rule was- if you want to run an adult website of any capacity, you got to have pictures. But it was only me, a lonely sad person, who never had a girlfriend at the time, and who was interested in the female wetting fetish. They had a regular monthly story competition. My Night with Kelly Brook was my entry one month and the prize was to download a series of pictures featuring ladies peeing.

So, after a while, The Bathroom was born….. I wanted to share my wet passion with the rest of the world. For the first four years, with some support, I was able to update the website regularly…. then my life got in the way, and soon I hadn’t been able to pay attention to the site. The Bathroom had been relaunched twice, however, some of the material needed to keep the website going began to dry up. I eventually handed over the management of The Bathroom to somebody else in the summer of 2007, because I was getting so busy with my life.

I hope you will like this new-look website (particularly as it isn’t owned by me) and you make a contribution or two to keep it going.

Thanks again, and here’s to the future.

Neville, Creator and Editor (2001-7), The Bathroom

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