Hello world!

Welcome to our new-look website. It’s been a long time (some might say too long), but we have finally moved. The last site was Flash-based, but many of you didn’t like it, so we, after delays and much wrangling, have brought in the changes.

In order to make sense of most of our content, we organised everything into a blog-style format. We have also got rid of the Articles and Memories & Sightings sections, and separated all of their articles in three new catagories: Sightings, In The News, and Experiences. All of the Sarah’s Secret Diary archive have been brought here together for the first time. Our links page has been updated to bring either new links, repair existing ones, and axed ones which were no-longer used. We also got rid of our own forum, which was rarely used anyway (you can see the communities links on our fave websites page), but if you want us to start another one, we’re all ears. Coming soon, we’ll have a sitemap, too.

If you want to comment or contribute to The Bathroom, you can contact us here.

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