Stories: Friendly Encounter

I have known Brenda for many years as a family friend. It started when a new family moved into the neighbourhood. I remember the first time I saw her when the new family came to the local summer fete. Her parents were with her. She was eleven at the time and within months, our families got friendly.

The following Christmas, Brenda and her family were invited to dinner. She had sat next to me at the big meal time. She had three other siblings (she was the youngest and only girl after three older boys). I began to like her a lot, but obviously not in a sexual way.

A few years later, I was sick and off work one day. I looked out of the window to see Brenda, who was now sixteen, coming home from school. She kept banging on the front door (she lived across the road from us) and found that she was in some sort of distress. Then I saw her grab her crotch through her schoolskirt. For some reason, I felt my prick stirring… I felt embarrassed about it. I became fascinated about her desperation, which had been growing steadily. My heart started pumping when she continued to grab herself ever so tightly that I wondered and waited for the moment of whether she was going to wet herself.

Suddenly, she raced across the road towards our house. I started hearing her banging on our front door. I had to compose myself and walked towards the door. When I opened it, there was a desperate Brenda, holding herself tightly and bending double in the most extreme desperation I had ever seen.

Thank goodness, er, there’s nobody home, and I’m d-d-dying for a piss. C-can I use your toilet?” she asked.

“S-sure, just down the hall on the right,” I sheepishly replied, and Brenda rushed past me in a mad dash to the toilet. I closed the front door, then headed for the kitchen to make some coffee for myself. Brenda must have been in the toilet for around fifteen minutes when I finally saw her come to the kitchen.

“Can I stay for a bit until someone comes home?” she asked.

“Sure, no problem,” I said. My stares became fixed to the several damp patches on the front of her schoolskirt. She must have been desperate! When I went to bed that night, I masturbated furiously over the image until I came loads of semen.

That got me into the watersports fetish. I wanted to share my fantasy with Brenda, but that wasn’t possible. Over the next few years, Brenda had grown to become a beautiful young woman of 22, with long blonde hair, brown eyes, and a lovely figure. By then, I became unhealthily obsessed with her. I got jealous every time I saw her with other boys, and I was having problems with my girlfriend, Lisa. It was a surprise to me that one afternoon, I got a call from Brenda.

“Hi,” she said. “My parents are going away this weekend, and I’m going to be alone. I need somebody to keep me company…” and she slid a hand slowly up and down my left leg, which, as a result, got my prick stirring. I couldn’t believe it- she wanted to be with me!

“Er, fine, I- I love to,” I replied.

That’s okay, see you Saturday,” Brenda purred, and gave me a small peck on my left cheek and walked away. I counted down the days in anticipation of seeing a woman who I may have fancied for years. I woke up on Saturday morning wanting to see Brenda immediately, except that I have to do the basic things like…. have a shower, shave, clean my teeth. I didn’t bother to pack a lot of things in my rucksack because I was only going across the road.

Later, I nervously reached Brenda’s front door. I waited a few moments before gingerly ringing the bell. The door openly, Brenda greeted me with a huge grin on her face. She was wearing a tight-hugging white t-shirt which concealed her breasts, and a pink, knee-length skirt. I got invited in and was given a glass of vodka and cola to drink. We went to sit on the sofa in the living room where we had talked about life in general. Brenda had also brought in a large jug of water. To my surprise, she drank three glasses while I was still on my one vodka and cola.

After a while, I noticed that Brenda was beginning to fidget slightly.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Er, no, I’m okay,” she replied, and started to pour a fourth glass of water from the jug. I then saw her crossing her shapely legs rather too tightly for my liking. I became more interested in her antics rather than talking. A couple of hours later, Brenda had jammed one hand inbetween her legs through her pink skirt and continued to fidget, and my prick began to stir again. I continued to pretend not to notice Brenda’s desperation, but she sensed something was up, and gently put her free hand on my increasing bulge through my trousers, then gave me a slow kiss on the lips.

I like you…. and I need to wee…a lot,” she said softly. We then started to hold hands. As we kissed, I felt Brenda was fidgeting a lot now.

“Come on- let’s go to the bathroom,” she said. I was still in shock. I had never got into a similar situation with Lisa.

As we walked towards the bathroom, I noticed Brenda was holding herself even tighter than before and almost bending double. When we got inside, Brenda locked the door, and asked me to strip naked. I did as I was told, and treated to several moments of seeing her extreme desperation. She was grabbing herself very tightly, and was now breathing heavily. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen, since that incident in her teens, and was also the audience.

She took me by the hand and stepped into the shower. With my hands, I started to caress her slowly, stroking her hair and face, cupping her breasts, slipping down to her body. I tried to take her t-shirt off, but she stopped me.

Mmmmmmmm…… I prefer to have sex with my clothes on,” she whispered. I then lifted her t-shirt to reveal her sports bra. I cupped a breast with one hand, then slipping the other slowly under her skirt to reveal her white cotton knickers. My prick became so stiff I began to press it against her panty-clad pussy. We kissed softly again, and lucky for me, I brought a packet of condoms with me, so i got one out of the packet and told Brenda to slide it over my prick (well, I didn’t want to get her pregnant!).

Oh goodness, I really have to piss,” Brenda said softly, as I pulled the fabric of her knickers to one side under her skirt and entered my prick into her willing pussy. We had the most mind-blowing sex, and soon Brenda was beginning to buckle under my huge thrusts. She became more excited by the combination of my prick inside her with her own desperate need to empty her bladder, and I was enjoying it as well.

Awwwwwwww, I can’t hold it any more!” she squealed. “I’m about to come and piss!” I began to thrust her even harder, and she suddenly squeezed her bum cheeks against my prick.

Awwwwwwww, I’m coming!!!!” She seized up, then started to orgasm violently. She placed one hand inbetween her legs, and while she was coming, started to wee like a fire hose, saturating her knickers, skirt, and drenching her legs. She gave a huge sigh of relief of letting go- she must have drank a lot of water. My prick was still inside her, but I wasn’t ready to come yet, I was close enough. Brenda grabbed hold of my prick, slipped off the condom, crouched down, and started to give me a blow job. I was in ecstasy as she sucked and sucked, then took it from her mouth and began to yank it.

“Harder! Harder!” I screamed as I buckled with the building up to my climax. Brenda then aimed my prick to her face.

Ahhhhwwwww!” I screamed as I finally shot my semen over her face. She smeared most of it on her face and breasts. My heavy breathing began to die down as Brenda slowly licked the remaining semen off my prick. I then told her that I was going to wee as well, so I aimed my prick at her t-shirt and started to gush my golden liquid over her. I had a lot of water, plus vodka and cola to get rid of. After I finished weeing, I stood fascinated at her drenched t-shirt and bra, in which I could see the breasts and nipples through the wetness.

We then sat, completely exhausted, on the shower floor. I nearly spoilt the moment by stupidly asking: Brenda, “Did you enjoy it?”

“I loved it…. very much,” she replied. “The best sex I’ve had in ages.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I never had this much enjoyment with Lisa. As we were in the shower, she suggested we get cleaned up, and slowly removed our clothes, put them in the laundry bag, and put the soap and shampoo in the shower. I turned on the hose and waited for the water to get warm. We then continued to enjoy ourselves as we slowly rubbed the soap’s lather over each other’s bodies.

After we got cleaned up, I got dressed and ready to go home when Brenda called over to me.

“Don’t go yet, I have another surprise for you,” and she went to the bedroom. I sat down on the sofa and waited. Within half an hour, Brenda reappeared in an orange silky babydoll nightie. I stared at her in disbelief, and my prick started to stir again. She sat down next to me and winked.

I would appreciate it if you stayed over for tonight as I’m going to be on my own,” she said. Now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse. She got out a bottle of wine and two glasses as we settled down on the sofa. We spent most of the evening talking again, sharing our innermost secrets…. well, almost all. At around midnight, Brenda held my hand again, brought me off the sofa and made a slow walk up the stairs to her bedroom. The lights in the bedroom were dimmed. It was neat and well kept. In one corner was her bed…. single, of course.

“Take your clothes off again, but just down to your briefs,” she said. I did as I was asked. Brenda pulled over the covers of her bed. After we lied down, we started kissing each other and engaged in some serious heavy petting. We then wrapped our arms around each other, and fell into a deep sleep….

The next morning, I was woken up by Brenda’s stirring, who was trying to wriggle free from my clutches.

Let me go, I need to piss again!” she squealed, but I wanted to prolong her agony by grabbing hold of her.

Don’t! I’ll wet the bed!” she squealed again.  I then jammed one hand to her crotch as we spent several minutes struggling in bed. Then suddenly, Brenda froze. I felt a slight dampness touch my hand. She was about to wet her nightie, and used all the strength of her bladder muscles to halt the small flow. I then let go of her so she could rush to the toilet. I rolled back the covers to see a damp stain, the size of a tennis ball, on the sheet. It looked so erotic to me that I stared at it for a few moments.

After a full English breakfast, both Brenda and I knew we had to clean up before her parents returned home later in the evening. We both kissed each other goodbye as I returned across the road to my house.

I had a great weekend with Brenda, sadly it was the only time that we had sex together, as a couple of years later, she got married. I was invited to the wedding, but I declined. All I have of her now is a great memory of our time together.