Stories: Janie’s Toilet Torture

Janie worked as a secretary in an estate agent, where most of the time she was at her desk filing out reports given to her from the other members of staff.

This particular day was very long for Janie, sitting in on meetings and on two occasions, going with staff and clients to view houses.

She had a few cups of tea without having anything to eat, and as a result, she needed to go to the toilet. She is not normally the person to hold her bladder, but she was forced to do so that day.

After a hectic day on the road, she had to complete a lot of paper work which she dreaded. One of the staff, Mike, was a smooth talker, and sexy to boot, sometimes helped her out if the work got too much. What happened that day was going to change her life. At her desk, Janie was doing her work with a very full bladder… she shifted from one side to the other, had been fidgeting slightly and crossed her legs whilst sitting down. Mike was helping her. he could not help but look at Janie. He must have known why she has been fidgeting a lot…. she needed to wee… and badly. He had a fetish for women needing to go, but never had anyone get desperate and wet in front of him…. until now. He had thought of a dirty plan for Janie.

Later, Janie was fidgeting at the desk openly.

“Oh, I need to go right now!” she said, and started to make her way to the toilet, now holding herself through her crotch. Mike leapt up and walked straight into her path.

“Excuse me!” Janie said.

Oh, no you don’t!” said Mike. “We go to get this work done.”

“Let me go, please!” pleaded Janie. She had both hands inbetween her legs and dancing in desperation.

“Sorry, work first!” Mike replied, with a smirk on his face. He felt that Janie was going to lose it soon.

“Don’t do this, it’s no joke!”  shouted Janie, writhing in agony. The pair began to exchange insults. Mike felt his penis getting hard when she saw Janie in her present state.

“Here’s the deal Janie, I want you to hold your wee in as long as you can, then I can give you something worth your while,” he said.

No way!” Janie shouted, and tried to push Mike away, but was unsuccessful.

She was in real trouble now. She was on the verge of wetting herself. Worse, she was wearing light brown khaki slacks, which would mean any tell-tale signs, which would mean any tell-tale wee stains would be seen. So she had held on with all the willpower she had, at Mike’s delight. Moments later, while grabbing herself ever so tightly, Janie softly says,”Mike, I really need to use the Ladies’ room.”

Mike offered a hand and lead Janie to a cubicle in the ladies’ toilet, and still ordered her to hold her wee. her fidgeting got worse until she could not stand still. She had moaned a lot and began to sweat.. She felt she could lose it at any moment, but didn’t want to give in. Then Mike gave his audacious order.

I want you to stand in front of me, legs slightly parted. Then I want you to wet yourself.”

Janie was shocked. She never had anyone ask her to wet herself before. But she was needing to go badly, she felt she had not got a lot of choice. So she stood, with legs parted in front of Mike, and started to let go. She soon felt the urine soak her panties and seeped into the fabric of her slacks. Most of it came quickly because she needed to go so badly. The urine ran in large rivulets soaking her inner thighs and created a small puddle on the floor. Mike put his hand on Janie’s crotch to feel her wetness.

It was a sensation…. he brought out his now stiff penis from his trousers and started wanking furiously. Janie seemed to pee for a long time as she had held in a lot of fluid. Mike had come and seen his semen eject within moments.

“That’s better. Why did you ask me to do that?” Janie asked.

“It was my fantasy to see a young woman wet herself in front of me, and at last, it came true,” Mike replied.

Janie was upset at first, but later forgave him. The events that day lead to the start of a wet relationship.