Experiences: Shop Assistant

Here is a fantasy I regularly have. I often get excited about a female shop assistant needing to pee. My favourites are ones that have to wear a uniform. In particular, a lady was wearing a past uniform of this department store, which consisted of a light-blue blouse and a dark navy knee-length skirt, wearing an ordinary pair of black shoes. There was a woman in my fantasy who I knew very well, but didn’t work at the store- I just think about her.

The fantasy begins when the woman wakes up abruptly at 8am. She cries out that she’s late and rushes to have a shower and then puts her uniform on. Before she leaves, she drinks a large glass of orange juice.

She gets to work- just in time. The store manager asks her to do some stock checking for him, so she gets a clipboard, pen and paper, and gets on with the job. About half an hour later, she felt the need to pee, but, as it was a light need, she ignored it, disguising the fact that she didn’t go to the toilet that morning.

Soon, it was lunchtime and the woman, with a few of her colleagues, went to McDonald’s to have a couple of  drinks and a chat. Later, she returns to work needing to pee badly. She didn’t bother going to the toilet in McDonald’s and was now bursting.

She had more stock-checking to do, and by this time, she was fidgeting standing up and briefly put a hand in her crotch through her skirt. After the stock check, the store manager asks her to work at one of the counters. Suddenly, while she was serving a customer, she winced…. she felt a little pee seep into her knickers. She then rushed to the toilets, holding herself tightly as she ran. She got into one of the cubicles and locked the door. She leaned on one of the walls, again holding herself through her skirt. She winced again, and let a little more pee go. It filled her knickers and with enough effort, she just managed to stop the flow. She looked down to see a small wet patch on the front of her skirt.

She walked out of the toilet to return to the counters. By that point she had become very desperate. She was holding herself with one hand while serving and handling customers’  cash with the other. Surprisingly, none of her colleagues had noticed her predicament.

Later, the store manager said to the woman that she can go home as she worked very hard that day. She left the store in a hurry, but she knew that she wasn’t going to get home without wetting herself, so she walked a deserted alleyway, which was rarely used. She stopped and wrapped her skirt around her legs, looked down… and started to let go. The pee soaked her knickers, seeped through her skirt and trickled down her legs…. she was wetting herself. It seemed to go on for ages.

When she finished, she gave a huge sigh of relief for letting it happen. She never got herself too desperate to pee like that before, but from then on she liked to do it most days.