Stories: Under His Spell

Janis has long been fascinated by hypnotists. She would often go to shows and sit in the audience and laugh as a performer would put unsuspecting guests under his spell, and asking them to do whatever he wanted.

One afternoon, she read in a newspaper advert that the famed hypnotist Dan James would be appearing in her local theatre. As there would be a rush to buy tickets for the show, she was very lucky to get one.

Six weeks later, Dan James was in town for a “One Night Only” performance at the theatre. However, Janis didn’t want to just watch what happens on stage…. she wanted to sneak to the back to see the hypnotist alone. She knew the ins and outs of the theatre, as she has peformed there, for her school, many moons ago.

The day before the show, Janis, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a tight-fitting t-shirt, sneaked past outside security to go to the back entrance of the theatre. After getting past the door, she walked through this narrow corridor, searching for the dressing room where she hoped Dan James would be rehearsing in.

She eventually found a door, with Dan’s name written on a piece of paper stuck together by sticking tape. She began breathing heavily, anticipating excitement at the chance of meeting her idol. She knocked on the door… no answer, as yet. She knocked again…. still no answer. So, she then slowly turned the knob, and opened the door.

On looking behind the door, Janis found that Dan wasn’t inside. She entered the dressing room, which was very sparse, with the exception of a table and chair, with Dan’s belongings. She saw the bright yellow suit that was his trademark hanging on the wall. Shw walked over and started  touching it softly. The she began to imagine being in the same room as him…

“Hello! Hello! Hello!”

The voice startled Janis which brought her back to the real world. She turned round to see her idol Dan James in the flesh. Her jaw dropped.

“Er, er, er, h-h-hello!” she struggled to say. “You’re… you’re Dan James!”

“The very one. Just call me Dan,” he said, and gave her one of his trademark smiles.

Janis started to sweat. She found it increasingly difficult to utter any word from her mouth, let alone a grunt. “I-I-I’m Janis!” she spluttered.

“It seems you’re getting hot. Take a seat and I’ll fetch you a glass of water,” Dan said. Janis wanted to decline his offer, but then felt it would be rude, so she accepted the water from Dan and drank it down almost immediately. After a few moments, she began to calm down.

“I’ve been a big fan of yours for ages, and always wondered what it would be like if I was hypnotised,” she said.

“Well, we do have some time before I go back to rehearsals, so let’s see how we get on,” Dan replied.

He went over to his yellow suit and picked out his small watch from a pocket. When he returned, he asked Janis to sit properly on the chair and to relax. That was difficult for the woman, who was still excited about seeing her idol. Eventually, she was relaxed enough for Dan to hypnotise her.

“Now, I want you to look at the watch,” he said to Janis softly, and let it swing slowly in front of her face. Staring at the watch made Janis feel sleepy, and within a few moments, she was about to close her eyes.

“Janis, you’re going to enter into a deep sleep,” Dan said softly. “When I count to three, you will be asleep……..two…..three.”

Janis had fallen asleep on the chair, head bowed. Dan moved closer to whisper in her ear.

“Now, when you wake up, you will be in a pub, full of people. You will be on your own. You have drank so much fluid that you need to wee, but is reluctant to go to the toilet. You are desperate, but you stay in your seat.”

With one click of the fingers, Janis was awake, thinking she was in the pub that Dan described. She felt signs of needing the toilet by pushing a hand in crotch and crossing her legs tightly. she began to wriggle uncontrollably on the chair. Even while she was doing this, she was pretending to drink something from a glass. Her continued wriggling and desperation was beginning to get Dan excited. He had a fetish for women needing to wee, but didn’t think he would get a chance to hypnotise a woman on her own… until now.

Suddenly, Janis shot up from her chair and rushed around the room to what she thought was a toilet, but after looking through all the cubicles, found out there wasn’t any toilet paper in them, so she went to sit back on the chair. Dan was by now getting aroused, and started to stroke his penis through the material of his trousers. Janis was still holding herself and clamping her legs in a desperate bid to hold on. This gave Dan an idea. He got out his mobile phone, who had a camera facility which could also record movies. When he turned it on, he directed it at a now extremely desperate Janis, who had pushed one hand inside her jeans to reach her pussy. Dan was getting so worked up, he too pushed one hand down his trousers to stroke his penis while holding up the phone with the other. Moments later, he unzipped his trousers and slowly pushed them down to his ankles, then he started a slow wank, but not enough to climax… at least not yet. He was enjoying so much of Janis’ desperation that he began to get an even dirtier thought. He turned off his phone, and gave Janis his instruction.

With one click, Dan said,”Time to sleep,” and Janis was asleep once more, again with head bowed. He quickly took off his clothes and other items so that he was only wearing his underpants. He then moved the table and positioned his mobile phone in Janis’ direction once more, and turned it on. He went back to whisper in the woman’s ear.

“When you wake up again, you’re in the bedroom with me. You still again be needing to wee, but you’ll be pretending to make love with me on a full bladder. You’ll have enjoyed it so much, that after we both come, you will actually wet yourself.”

With one click, Janis woke again, this time in desperate need of relief.

“Make love to me, please?” she pleaded.

Dan put his penis on the crotch area of her jeans as he kissed her on the mouth. He then delved his hand under her t-shirt to feel her bra-clad cleavage. He groped and tweaked her nipples and boobs until they began to harden. Janis tried to hold herself, but Dan’s penis often got in the way. He eventually managed to unzip Janis’ jeans to reveal her white cotton panties. He felt the crotch area, which were soaked by her love juices. How could that be possible if she doesn’t know what’s going on? Dan knows that Janis is now at his mercy….

Suddenly, and without warning, there was a loud knock on the door.

Oh, shit!” Dan thought.

“Dan James, it’s time for rehearsal,” said the voice. he knew it was the stage manager.

“Can you give me at least twenty minutes?” Dan asked.

“Sorry, you need to start the rehearsal now,” said the stage manager.

Dan pushed Janis onto the chair, and gave her the one click for her to sleep. He then rushed to the door and opened it to see the stage manager.

“Look, I’m a bit busy. I need to do my karma first, and I’m not done yet,” he said sternly.

“Er, okay, I’ll give you another half-hour,” said the stage manager.

After the stage manager left, Dan waited a few moments before turning her attention back to Janis. He whispered in her ear, clicked once again, and soon they were back to ‘making love’. Janis was now at the stage of being on the verge of losing it, but Dan instructed her not to wee yet. He turned to hold her from behind, fondling her bra-clad cleavage with one hand, the other holding his penis, pushing it under her thighs and started to rub her clitoral area through her panties. Janis was at that point moaning loudly, imagining that Dan was pumping her…. of course, she doesn’t know about it as she is still under the hypnotist’s spell.

Dan simply couldn’t resist any longer. He pulled Janis’ panties down to her knees, then pushed his penis into her and started pumping. To him, it felt good to take advantage of a woman in this way.

Janis, screaming even louder, shouted, “Dan, I can’t hold it any more, I’m going to wet myself!” Dan looked at his watch and knew that it would soon be time for rehearsals, so he pumped Janis quicker and harder this time. Moments later, he had a sensational orgasm, unleashing his white seed into her. He then ordered Janis to orgasm too, which she did… very loudly. Suddenly, he felt some dampness on his penis, and looked down to see that the woman had actually started to wet herself… for real! The urine had gushed in full force out of her, drenching each other’s legs and clothes.

Ohhhh, Janis, you were the best. Pity it wasn’t for real,” Dan thought as he finally pulled his penis out of her pussy, which was soaked by both her urine and his seed. After he cleaned up, he then asked her to sit back on the chair and clicked her once again to sleep. He rested for a few minutes before putting Janis’ clothes back in order, including the wet jeans. He then took out a mop and bucket from the cleaning cupboard and wiped the urine from the floor.

Suddenly, there was another loud knock at the door.

“Time for rehearsal,” said the stage manager.

“Give me two minutes,” Dan replied.

Now it was time to wake up Janis. He whispered in her ear for the final time.

“Janis, when I count to three, you will wake up and will be no longer under my spell…… one…… two…..three.”

When Dan gave two clicks, Janis opened her eyes and yawned. Then she smelled something fishy…. like urine. She looked down at her damp jeans.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, I’ve wet myself! Oh no, what have I done?” she cried.

“Janis, I’ve tried to hypnotise you, but… you fell asleep!” Dan said.

Without trying to explain her embarrassment, Janis got out of the chair and rushed out of the room. Dan had caught the last glimpse of her wet jeans before she left. Before he left for his rehearsal, Dan had walked to the table to pick up his mobile phone. He switched off the movie mode and saved it.

“This will keep me amused for a while,” he thought, with a smirk.