Stories: Groping Shona Part 3: Weekend Break

After the first wet encounter with Shona, we got discreetly together and have a brilliant wet sex life. However, recently, the manager at our workplace had changed our shifts.

Shona  still had the mornings, but I was shifted, against my will to the afternoons, which started at noon and finished at seven, so when I got home, I was often too tired to go to bed with her.

In order to rekindle our passion for each other, we organised a trip to the seaside for this weekend. I also checked the weather forecast for that weekend will be sunny, so hopefully I’ll be able to see her in that nice new yellow bikini that she bought from the department store a few days ago.

On the Friday, we had booked the day off work to ensure that we travelled to our destination earlier enough to avoid the rush hour traffic. Shona had already drank a lot of  water while she was helping to pack our stuff into the car, and as a result, when we approached the motorway, she confessed to me that she needed to pee. On hearing that, my dick started to stiffen a little, but I knew I couldn’t just stop and grope her because I had to concentrate on my driving.

“Oh goodness, I hope I can hold out until we get there,” she said.

“It’s only for a couple of hours tops, Shona,” I reassured her.

The thought of Shona needing to go had got me excited. While driving on the motorway, I briefly looked at the corner of my eye to see the lovely sexy lady repeatedly squirming in the passenger seat. Half an hour later, I saw her push one hand inbetween her legs and closed  them tightly.

“How far is it?” she asked, looking very worried.

“We still got some way to go,” I replied. I was finding it difficult to keep my mind on driving when I see Shona in her current state.

A few miles down, we had to stop behind a lot of other traffic.

Oh, no,” Shona said.

“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too long before we get moving again,” I said.

However, twenty minutes later, the traffic was still stationary, and Shona was still squirming in the passenger seat, trying to keep in control. I was too trying to keep myself in control, just by watching her fidget. I turned on the radio to hear the local station’s travel report, saying that there had been a huge pile up on the carriageway with many people being injured.

Oh, help me please!” pleaded Shona, as now she had both hands inbetween her legs and now fidgeting wildly in her seat. On impulse, I started to caress her tight, white t-shirt she was wearing, but she immediately pushed my hand away. “I’m not in the mood right now!” she snapped. That cooled me down a bit.

It was at least a couple of hours before the pile up was cleared and we were on our way again, but Shona had become really desperate now.

“Look, is there anywhere we can stop? I really, really need to go!” she said.

“According to the satnav, there isn’t a service station on this stretch of  the motorway, so we can’t stop at the moment,” I replied.

But I don’t think I can hold on for much longer!” she squealed.

“Sorry, I can’t stop, because officially, just taking a leak is not necessarily classed as an emergency. You’ll just have to wait!” I said.

I felt my dick stiff up and stand to attention. As I was wearing a loose pair of jeans, it wasn’t noticeable, but I desperately wanted to make love to her, but we’ve still yet to reach our destination.

To matter worse, we heard a loud siren wailing behind us. I looked on my wing mirror to see the man inside the police car ordering me to pull over. That was not what we,  and particularly Shona, needed.

“Why are we stopping again?” she asked.

“It’s the police, I have to stop,” I replied.

When the police stopped us, they asked the usual questions, about whether the car was roadworthy, or if my tax and insurance details are correct. This was something I didn’t need right now, and at that moment, I feared that Shona may be on the brink of wetting herself in my car. After they were satisfied that everything was okay, they let me go. When I got back in the car, Shona was panicking.

I have to go, now!” she screamed. Suddenly she gasped. Then, after a few moments, looked down at her blue jeans to see a small wet patch had formed in the crotch area. She felt that she was going to pee heavily at any moment, and not even I could persuade her to hold on. But crudely, I said, “Shona, you absolutely must hold on. We will be at our destination in about half an hour. You’ll be able to use the toilet then.”

What!??!?” she asked, amazed.

“Just try and to hold on for me,” I said.

We then continued the rest of our journey, and I was getting excited by looking slightly at the lovely lady’s extreme desperation. She now had both hands jammed on the crotch area, wriggling constantly in the passenger seat, and steadfastly refused to let go.

We were to stay at a caravan site which was situated about a mile from the seaside town we were visiting. We eventually reached there, but the car park outside was almost full of vehicles, and I had to drive around to find any hint of a parking space. Shona was now in serious trouble. She was bouncing up and down on the passenger seat.

Please, please, I really need to pee. Let me go or I’ll wet myself!

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there,” I crudely said. About ten minutes later, I had found a parking space and we had been parked up, but as soon as we got our belongings out of the car, I realised that we were at the far end of the park and we had to walk all the way round to the reception.

We started walking up towards the reception, but we had to stop several times on the way because Shona had kept doubling up when she felt her pee was about to come out. To make things worse (for her), several people were walking alongside us in the same direction and looking at her in her current plight. One middle-aged woman had come to her aid.

“Excuse me, do you need the toilet? I’ve got one in my caravan,” she asked.

“N-no, I’m okay, I can make it,” Shona replied.

She was now extremely desperate and walking in a funny way. Some children had noticed her behaviour and started laughing. When we finally got to reception and paid for our stay, Shona’s hand had gripped her crotch and didn’t release it at all. Thankfully, the caravan we were staying in wasn’t very far from the reception. As soon as we got inside and closed the door, Shona was going to head for the toilet, but I had other ideas….

Don’t, I need to go!” she pleaded as I blocked her way through the doorway. She tried pushing her way past me, but I still wouldn’t let her through.

“Hey darling, let’s make love in the kitchen,” I demanded.

No! No! I won’t!” she tried to refuse, but by now I had wrapped her around in my arms and started to kiss her softly on the neck. She still tried to resist my advances, but I was getting too strong for her. I started caressing her left breast through her t-shirt while I now kissed her lips. I looked down to see that she still had one hand gripping her crotch. I then slid my hand under her t-shirt and down towards her stomach, and I was surprised to feel her swollen bladder. I pushed it a little, which gave Shona a short, sharp jolt. “Ohh!” she yelped. I then slid my hand further downwards inside her jeans. I struggled down to feel her pussy, which was damp, but not from pee, and started to stroke it. Shona started moaning. I could tell that she was getting excited by this…. and so was I, with my penis getting rock hard. I took her t-shirt off to reveal her white sports bra. I then pushed my mouth to her left breast and started to suck and bite it repeatedly.

Suddenly she gasped, as I felt some pee leak into my hand. That got me even more excited as I used my free hand to unbutton her jeans and struggled to pull them down to her ankles. Shona was reluctant to let go of  her crotch in case it made her start peeing uncontrollably. I wanted to fuck her big time, so I unzipped my trousers and pulled them down, then I pulled out my stiff, rock hard penis from inside my briefs. I made her turn around with her back towards me, and then slowly slid my penis between her legs. I asked her to close them so I could rub it feeling her damp knickers. I did this for several minutes, while hearing Shona’s moans. Ohhh, I was enjoying this moment so much. Soon, she squirted again, wetting her knickers a bit more, and I could feel the pee on my penis. I put one hand on her crotch to feel how soaked she was.

Soon, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I lifted up one of her legs and rested it on the kitchen table. I then slid her knickers down her thighs slightly, and then positioned my penis to go inside her pussy. I then slid it in….

Owwwwww!!!” Shona screamed….contact!! For a while, both Shona and I were into serious fucking, made more exciting by the fact that she was still extremely desperate. She regularly squirted small amounts of pee while I was pumping her.

By now I was about to come, but I wanted to make sure Shona came first so I could feel her pee soak my penis. With one last thrust, she let out a huge yell.

Yoooowwwww! I’m coming, I’m coming!!” she screamed, which in turn triggered the relaxing of her bladder and started to squirt her pee. It slightly filled her inside before gushing out of her pussy with such force, wetting her legs and drenching her knickers and jeans. I then pulled my penis out of her and  squirted my semen over her bum. Shona had probably peed so much that the whole kitchen floor had been covered in wet urine. I then added to her pee by positioning my penis over her bum and started soaking her bum, clearing my semen, then stopping for a moment to rest it inbetween her bum cheeks and let the rest go from there, letting the pee soak her already wet thighs.

When we composed ourselves, we looked at the wet kitchen floor in relief. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I had to rush to the front to open it.

“Sorry, is anything alright?” said a concerned man who was there. “We heard some screaming. Are you okay?”

“Oh, we’re fine, no problems,” I replied, and closed the door. Shona giggled. “I think we need to be a bit more quiet when we make love.”

“You’re absolutely right, Shona,” I said, “Absolutely right.”