Stories: An embarrassing palace visit

By George Private

Minjee was a pretty 17-year-old Korean girl, whose family had recently moved to London where her father had got a position in a company. They were living at the outskirts of London, but Minjee had started in a school close to the centre, which meant she had to travel for almost an hour there by underground.

She had been there for just a couple of weeks, and still had not got used to speaking English, and was quite shy. However, the pretty and exotic Korean girl had already caught the attention of many of the boys in her class.

This day was a special day, as the class was going to visit a historic palace outside of London. The bus left the school at 8 sharply, so they all had to be there in time. Minjee got a bit delayed in the subway, and just about made it in time. The bus was already there, and her classmates had started to embark, when she arrived.

She had been thinking that it would be a good idea to visit the school toilet before the bus journey, but now she was late and too shy to ask the teacher if she could go to the toilet before the bus left. She would have to wait until they arrived at the palace, which would take a couple of hours, since the bus did not have any toilet (and maybe she would not have liked to use a bus toilet anyway). It was a couple of hours since she had been to the toilet, when she got up at home, but she was not in any great need, and hoped she would be okey during the bus journey.

However, the bus journey dragged out to more than two-and-a-half hours, since there were some traffic jams on the way, and when they finally arrived at the palace grounds, her bladder was quite full. The bus stopped at a big parking lot, they got off, and walked some hundred meters to come to the palace. Minjee looked around for a public toilet, but could not see any at the parking lot. But there must be some toilets at the entrance of the palace, she thought.

When they arrived there, they were a bit late because of the delayed bus journey, and the guided tour the school had booked would start any minute. But there were some toilets at the entrance, and the male teacher said that those who needed to go to the toilet should do so immediately, but hurry up since the tour would start in a few minutes.

Minjee followed after some of the other girls to the ladies toilets. But unfortunately, a busload of elderly ladies had arrived about at the same time, and when Minjee arrived at the toilet, many of those had already queued up in front of the restroom. The other girls somehow had managed to get in front of the old ladies, and the boys in the class had no problems at the men’s room, but poor Minjee ended up at the end of the queue.

She stood there and waited for some minutes or so, in the slow-moving queue. She really needed to go now, before the tour started, but she was too shy to ask the ladies if she could go ahead of them, and did not know how to say it in English. The other girls came out from the restroom after they were finished, and told her to hurry up. And then, soon after, she heard the teacher yell from the back that the tour was about to start now, and they all needed to come.

Reluctantly, she gave up her place in the toilet queue, and walked over to the rest of the class, with her business unfinished. She could really feel her full bladder aching and stretching under her thin summer dress now. Several of the boys turned towards her and looked at her and her thin dress and short skirt. She was really very good-looking, and even sexy, even though she had a serious and even somewhat pained look at her face.

The male guide welcomed them, told that the tour would take about 1.5 hours, and then went on with a lengthy description about the history of the palace. As they were still standing at the entrance, Minjee was looking back towards the toilets, where the long queue had subsided, and thought that had she waited there, she would have been done now, and could still have joined the group (although she would have missed some of the introduction). Perhaps, there would still be time, if she went there now? But she would have to ask the teacher first. Should she do it, of would it be too embarrassing to ask to go to the toilet now? How should she phrase it? She was still contemplating whether to ask or not, when the guide told them to move on into the first hall.

Now it was too late. She would have to hold out for another 1.5 hours, until the tour ended and they were back at the entrance. There were hardly going to be any public toilets inside the palace during the tour. Minjee could feel her bladder aching and paining even more, as her nervousness made it fill up faster. She had to walk very carefully at the outskirts of the group, especially where there were steps and stairs, so that nothing would accidentally leak in her underpants. And she could hardly concentrate on what the guide was telling, as she was all the time thinking about how much longer the tour would take, how much time there would be before she could relieve herself, and if she actually would be able to hold out that long, the way her bladder was filling up and her bladder pressure kept increasing. And being preoccupied by squeezing her pee hole muscles tight so that nothing would leak, and occasionally bend forward a little, turn away and press her hand between her thighs, or press the thighs tightly together, to control her pee when there was an emergency, all the time hoping that nobody would notice.

After maybe one hour, the tour arrived at the Golden Hall of the palace, the peak of the tour. The guide started to describe the hall, the decorations and the furniture. But by now, Minjee had reached the end of her tether. She could not hold it much longer. She finally had to raise her hand, and in a very embarrassed tone ask her teacher:

“Please, sir, I need to go toilet”.

“Can you wait until the tour ends, it may take another 20 minutes or half an hour”, the teacher asked.

“No sir, I need to go toilet now, I am very full inside, must go soon soon”, Minjee said in her broken English, with desperation in her voice.

Everybody looked at poor Minjee, who was standing with tears in her eyes, holding her left hand pressed between her thighs, as she moved from one foot to the other in an open display of outmost pee desperation.

The teacher turned to the guide, who had stopped his talking, to ask what to do, and if there was a nearby toilet.

“No, toilets are only at the entrance, and that is quite far away, and not so easy to find. Besides, visitors are not allowed to leave the group, and wander around on their own. If she really can’t wait until the tour finishes, I have to call one of my colleagues to take her back to the entrance and the toilets”, the guide explained.

The teacher turned back to Minjee, who was bending forward in agony, her hand still between her legs.

“Please call”, she whispered. “I can’t wait, must go now, pee very full, pee will come very soon now”, she said with a moaning sound.

The teacher nodded, and the guide took up his walkie-talkie, called one of his colleagues, and tried to explain the situation.

“It will just be a few minutes, and my colleague will be here and take care of you”, the guide then said with a smile towards Minjee.

“Please hurry”, Minjee moaned. “Pee will come soon soon now, I can’t hold longer, I need toilet soon soon, or accident here”, she said, her desperation having overtaken her traditional shyness about speaking about any toilet-related matters in front of others, let alone her whole class, including all the boys, and her teacher.

The guide went back to talking about the Golden Hall and its history, while Minjee was doing desperate pee dances in her short skirt at the outskirts of the group. The boys were looking more at her and her desperation, than on the guide.

“Please is he coming?” Minjee suddenly screamed, even more desperate. “My pee is coming now, I can’t hold bladder more”. She was bending forwards, with legs crossed.

The guide took out his walkie-talkie and called his colleague again.

“Just a minute or so, he is on his way”, the guide then said to Minjee.

“I do not think I can hold pee anymore!” Minjee groaned.

A door opened, and another guide appeared at the far end of the Golden Hall. But Minjee was beyond the point of rescue now. She could already feel her warm urine starting to leak into her underpants, even though she tried to hold the flow back with her hand. Instead, the flow increased, and she could feel her thin white underpants getting totally soaked, and the urine starting to trickle down her legs.

When the other guide had reached the group, and the first guide pointed to Minjee to explain that this was the girl who needed to be taken to the toilet, it was all too late. Nobody could be in doubt about Minjee’s need for a toilet. By now, the leakage and trickling had grown to veritable yellow torrent that Minjee could not hold back. She took away her hand from her pussy, lifted her skirt a little with both hands to avoid it getting wet, and separated her legs. A yellow waterfall gushed down between her legs, in view of everybody, and formed a huge puddle on the parquet floor around her feet.

“It seems I am a bit late”, the newcomer guide said with a smile towards Minjee. “We rather get a cleaner with a bucket here as soon as possible, before the parquet is destroyed and the smell gets into it”, he said to the first guide. Then he turned to Minjee. “You seem to have done your business already. But maybe you want to go to the restrooms to clean yourself up. But the next time, young lady, we would appreciate if you visited the restrooms before the tour starts”.