Stories: Emergency on the Tourist Trip

By George Private.

Wen Zhao was a pretty 18-year-old Chinese girl who had gone with her parents to a mountain resort in southern China for vacation. There were several boys of her age in the group staying at the same hotel, and they had all noticed the pretty young girl.

Also Wen Zhao had developed an interest for one or two of the boys, although she was a very shy girl, and tried to dress up a little extra to obtain their attention. But this would lead to some rather bad consequences with attention she would have rather been without, when she went on a bus trip higher up in the mountains.

This was a full-day trip that would take them higher up into the mountains, to see some nice views and visit some old villages and temples. Wen Zhao came along there with her parents, and also some of the boys took part, something she noticed with a mixture of joyfulness and shyness. It was good, she thought, that she had taken her long slim tight dress that reached almost to her feet and made her look quite stylish and attractive, although her mother had warned her that it would not be the most practical outfit during a bus trip in the mountains that may involve quite a lot of outdoor time, including some hiking.

The bus trip started already at 8 o’clock in the morning, as it was quite a drive and a full-day’s program. At first, they drove along the motorway that led higher up into the mountains for some two hours. As they left the motorway, it was time for a coffee or tea break as well as a toilet break at a small restaurant place just next to the motorway exit. Wen Zhao came along with her parents to have some tea, sitting next to her favourite boy’s table in the restaurant. But when Wen Zhao’s mother suggested she should accompany her for a visit to the toilets, she refrained. First of all, she did not feel any great need. Secondly, as a modern city girl, she was very hesitant to use any primitive and possibly dirty countryside toilets, as long as she could avoid that. Thirdly, with her favourite boy sitting at the neighbouring table, she was too shy to let him see her walk away towards the toilet rooms at the other end of the cafeteria. But it was a decision she would later regret.

They continued their drive along a narrow and winding road that followed the valley of a mountain stream higher and higher up. The scenery was beautiful, and at first Wen Zhao enjoyed the trip wholeheartedly. But after some time, she could feel the liquid of the tea having made its way through her interior, and starting to fill up her bladder, which she had not emptied since she rose early this morning. The shaking of the bus as the road grew bumpier, did not help but made her feel increasingly uncomfortable. She had started to regret that she did not go to the restroom during the tea break, as her mother had wanted her.

They made a couple of short stops at parking spaces along the road, to allow people to get off the bus, take photos, and admire the views. Wen Zhao felt a bit better as she got off the bus and could stretch her legs, and did not have to suffer the shaking and rattling and the sharp turns of the bus, although she could still feel a constant pressure in her bladder. But there were no toilets in sight at these stops, and there was no way as a well-behaved city girl she would consider trying to sneak away and crouch behind a bush or a tree on the roadside to relieve herself. She would have to endure, if not the whole day (that seemed impossible), at least until they came to a place with proper toilets again, perhaps at the lunch break.

But before that, they were taking off on a side road of even worse quality, passing some small villages, in order to reach a famous viewing point higher up in the mountains. The road got more and more bumpy, and poor Wen Zhao’s bladder got fuller and fuller, but she suffered in silence. There was no point in telling her mother now that she needed to pee badly, let alone to ask the driver for a pee break along the roadside. She just simply had to endure.

Finally, they reached the viewing spot, and stopped at a small parking lot. A small footpath led a couple of hundred meters away to a small pavilion perched atop a cliff with a wonderful view down into the valley below. But Wen Zhao could hardly enjoy the view. She was too preoccupied with not stumbling and accidentally peeing her underpants while walking after the others, and by looking around for some spot where she could possibly relieve herself, without being spotted by the others (especially not any of the boys in the group). They were presumably going to drive the same bumpy side road back downhill into the valley before going to the place where they were having lunch, and by now she felt she would not be able to make that same trip back with her aching and overfull bladder. She really should have gone when she had the chance earlier this morning at the tea stop!

But this was a place that somewhat regularly received tourist groups, and for their comfort, the local authorities had built a primitive outhouse toilet along a side track. As Wen Zhao looked around in desperation for a place to relieve herself, she saw the small footpath and a sign pointing towards the toilet. By now, she simply had no choice, and told her mother she was going. She then followed the sign in that direction, hoping that nobody (especially not the boys) would notice where she was going, let alone follow after her.

This was a narrow footpath through the dense bush vegetation leading a bit downhill. When it made a turn, the toilet building came into sight. Wen Zhao got a shock! It was a small shed with two small cubicles, none of which had a door! There was absolutely no privacy! It was unclear whether one of the cubicles was intended for men and one for women, and if so which one, since there were no signs. Each of them had a similar slot in the concrete floor into which one was supposed to do ones business. And to make things worse, both of them were occupied! In each of the cubicles, there was a man from the group standing, with his back to Wen Zhao, trying to aim his pee into the slot in front of him.

Wen Zhao tried to look away. She would have liked to turn away and run from there, but her bladder was almost overflowing, and she had no choice but stand and wait. The sound of the two peeing men almost made her own pee come right away, and she had to bend forward and press her hand in between her legs in the front of her dress to stop it from coming. She looked around in desperation for somewhere else to go, but the bush vegetation next to the footpath and the building was so dense that it would be impossible to get in among the bushes, or in behind the toilet shed on its back to relieve herself. She had to wait until the two men were finished and use the toilet shed.

Finally, the one to the left finished, buttoned his pants, and came out. He looked a bit embarrassed on Wen Zhao when he saw her, and she looked equally embarrassed at him. Wen Zhao wanted to walk into his cubicle right away, but even though she was desperate she was too shy to do so until the other man had finished and she was alone. The other man was taking his time. Wen Zhao got even more desperate as the moment and possibility of relief was so close. She was crossing her legs, bending forwards and holding her crotch in order not to pee her pants. Luckily, the first man had disappeared after a couple of curious glances, and the second man was still standing with his back to her. But the splashing sound of his peeing was almost unbearable to Wen Zhao.

At last, also he seemed to be finished. He buttoned his pants, turned around and looked slightly embarrassed at the beautiful girl who was waiting behind him, showing all signs utmost desperation. As he made his way around Wen Zhao, she stumbled into the cubicle to replace him, while trying to hike up her long slim tight dress with both hands to avoid it getting wet. She had no time to sit down and crouch over the slot, neither turning one way nor the other, but simply stepped in front and spread her legs a little, standing upright with one foot on each side of the slot and her back towards the door opening (with the non-existing door).

Then she continued to hike up her dress with both her hands, to avoid it getting wet, while she felt that her urine was already flowing into her underpants. Finally, she got it all the way up over her bum, so that her tiny pink underpants became visible. But they were already soaked through from front to back, and her pee now started to flow through them, some down her legs, but most of it gushing down between them into the slot in the concrete floor (and some spraying and splashing and forming puddles around her feet on the floor on each side of the slot, since the slot was quite narrow and her aiming not the best). Since she had to hold up her dress with both hands, there was no way she could pull down her underpants, and she simply had to let it run into and through them.

She then could hear some voices and giggling behind, and when she quickly (and with a very red face) turned around, she could not only see the older man still staring at her, but also her two favourite boys, who was apparently enjoying the scene while waiting for their turn. One of them said to the other:

“It seems she was in too much of a hurry to get her underpants down. But her bum looks very nice also this way, with her wet underpants on”.

“Do you think she will pull down her underpants and throw them, when she is done with the peeing?” the other said.

“And show her naked bum to us? Maybe, if she is not too shy. After all, she has been showing us her full peeing session. The alternative would be to pull down her long dress again and continue to walk around the rest of the day with a wet bum in those wet underpants”.

“And make her dress wet as she sits down in the bus again. Not an easy choice. What will it be?”

By then, poor Wen Zhao had finally finished her flood-like peeing. What should she do now?