In the News: Game of Thrones actor reveals his favourite memories

This article first appeared on the Gamespot website.

The Jon Snow actor had an eye-opening moment when taking a pee break in Iceland on a glacier.

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has discussed one of his favorite experiences working on the epic fantasy show, but it might not be what you’d expect.

Speaking to Jess Cagle on Sirius XM, Harington said one of his fondest memories was during a filming break when he left the set to relieve himself. That’s pretty ordinary stuff, except he was on a glacier, in Iceland.

He was blown away by the natural beauty, and he thinks back on this when he’s feeling down to help pick himself back up again.

“I remember shooting up on this incredible glacier in Iceland, and I went off to take a pee, just in… somewhere in the wilds of Iceland,” Harington said (via Entertainment Weekly). “And I just looked out over this glacier and I thought, ‘God, I got the best job in the world.’ And that always sticks out to me because if I’m ever feeling grumpy about my lot, which, believe me, I can do amazingly, I think of that. And I think, ‘Now you’ve got a pretty special job.'”

Harington also met his wife, Ygritte actress Rose Leslie, on the set of Game of Thrones. They are married now and have a child together.

Also in the interview, Harington discussed the controversial final season of Game of Thrones. He said it “had a real cultural impact,” and for that, he’s proud. He also offered his best wishes to HBO as the network films a new prequel show, House of the Dragon. “I really with them luck with what they’re doing next. I’m going to watch it,” he said.

In other news, it was recently reported that HBO is developing two additional Game of Thrones animated shows, bringing the total to three. However, development doesn’t mean production, so there is no word on if any of them will actually go forward and be seen through to release. Meanwhile, it’s also been reported that HBO recently canceled one of the other live-action Game of Thrones concepts, Flea Bottom.

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