Stories: Midnight Mass

On Christmas Eve, sisters Shelley and Kate had stepped inside the old church for the traditional Midnight Mass.

Although they were both wearing thick coats, they still felt the cold air of the creaking building. After they sat in their row, they huddled together to generate some warmth, much to the surprise of some of the other parishoners.

Gosh, it’s freezing in here! We should’ve stayed indoors,” Shelley whispered to Kate.

“Now now, you promised to come to church with me this year, and besides, I need the company,” her sister replied.

Ten minutes into the service, Shelley started to get fidgety. She couldn’t keep still when singing the hymns, and couldn’t kneel properly when she had to pray. Kate had sensed that her sister was occupied about something, but didn’t seem to concerned. However, later, she was watching Shelley cross her legs and fidget more on the seat.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, er, nothing at all,” Shelley replied nervously.

Throughout the service Shelley coninued to fidget and was finding it difficult to sing any hymns. She then turned to Kate.

“I think I need the loo,” she whispered.

What??” Kate said in sudden shock.

“I’ve been desperate to go since we left the house,” Shelley replied.

“Good grief, why don’t you go now? There’s a toilet outside round the back,” Kate asked. “You know me, I don’t like going into strange toilets,” Shelley said.

SHHHHH!” The girls turned around to see an old man in the same row telling them to be quiet.

As the service continued, Shelley was finding it extremely difficult to keep still. She opened her coat slightly to feel her stomach through her jumper. She needed the urge to hold herself, but couldn’t because if would have deemed inappropriate in the “House of God”. Kate kept looking at her desperate sister, hoping that she would hold on and make it to the toilet.

I don’t think I’m going to make it!” Shelley said.

“You’re going to have to, you’re a big girl!” Kate replied angrily. A while later, the service had ended, and Kate got up to leave the church. She turned around to see that Shelley was still sitting in her seat.

“Shelley? Shelley?”

She walked back to where they had been sitting only to be shocked at what she had been seeing.

SHELLEY!!!! What are you doing???”

Shelley, sitting with her legs slightly wide apart and grabbing her crotch, had began to wet herself. She moaned as her trousers had become soaked with pee.

“I-I’m sorry, I simply couldn’t help it,” she looked up at Kate mournfully. After she finished, Kate dragged Shelley up and dragged her out of the church to avoid being detected.

Shortly after the service, the church vicar sensed an awful smell and found out where it was.

Oh, for the love of God,” he said, looking at the damp patch on the seat and floor. “Why on earth does it happen in this church every year?”