Experiences: Neville wets himself again!!!

Our friend Neville is back with a more recent wetting experience.

On the early hours of New Year’s Day, I wet my pajamas. It was the first time in a few years that I wet myself!!!

I was in bed, feeling unwell (thankfully not from COVID), and I woke up from a very light sleep and suddenly needing the urge to pee.

I grabbed my penis through my pajama pants and tried to get out of my bed, but felt very groggy. It seemed like forever, but eventually I got up. Walking slowly out of the bedroom, normally it would take me about a minute to go down one flight of stairs to the toilet.

Suddenly, I slipped and fell down the steps. I then struggled to get up, making my need to pee a lot worse. Before I got to the toilet, the pee started to run out in the pajamas. I rushed to get my penis out to pee into the toilet, only after a significant amount of pee had soaked my pajamas.

It took me awhile to clean myself up, so the pee was drying up when I took these photos, here, here, and here.