In The News: Woman uses pee cloth while hiking outdoors

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“I use a pee cloth instead of loo paper. Trolls who say it’s disgusting are wrong.”

An outdoorsy woman has spoken out to explain why she uses a pee cloth while out hiking, claiming that this item is in fact her “favourite piece of hiking gear”. By Julia Banim.

A keen hiker has opened up about using a reusable pee cloth instead of loo roll when she’s out and about, describing it as her “favourite piece of hiking gear”.

Although she’s had to contend with some people dismissing the item as “disgusting and unsanitary”, Aaren Prody is among a growing number of hikers who see it as an essential bit of kit.

And the unusual addition to her bag is great for the environment as it drastically reduces the amount of waste she leaves behind on her adventures.

In a recent TikTok video, Aaren can be seen holding her Kula Cloth, which is patterned on one side and plain black on the other.

@whatdoyousea This is seriously my favorite piece of hiking gear I own lol #kulacloth #backpacking #womenintheoutdoors #hikinggear ♬ Janrah – $avannah Hannah

Showing just how unbothered she is by those who turn their nose up at her cloth, Aaren showed it off with pride, writing: “When people say my reusable pee cloth for hiking is disgusting and unsanitary”.

Kula Cloth website states their cloths are “the ultimate re-usable and hygienic antimicrobial pee-cloth, for those who squat when they do a wild wee”.

Odour proof, this eco-friendly cloth is also wide enough to hold without getting your hand wet, with a design that cleverly protects your privacy after toilet breaks.

Explaining how the “game-changer”, cloth works to one curious commenter, Aaren said: “So the printed fabric is the outside and the black is the inside – when you have to pee you wipe with the black side, and then it snaps closed and clips onto your bag (or you can put it with the rest of your toiletry stuff inside).”

Aaren, who goes by the username @whatdoyousee, went on to clarify that she “10000000%” washes her cloth before reusing it.

Judging by the comments section, it’s clear that Aaren isn’t the only hiker who ensures she packs her reusable cloth before heading out on adventures.

One fellow hiking enthusiast wrote: “Omg I need one for when I hike and camp. This would make things so much easier than bringing actual toilet paper or being stranded with nothing”.

Another said: “I hope people are not pressed this is very normal in the hiking world!”

Clothes such as the one used by Aaren actually have numerous benefits for hikers, being far more environmentally friendly than toilet roll, and much more hygienic than simply not wiping at all.

Taking a pee cloth with you during a long walk helps outdoorsy types to keep in line with the principles of Leave No Trace, a set of outdoor ethics created by the Leave No Trace Center of Outdoor Ethics.

By using a pee cloth, hikers can reduce the amount of waste they are leaving behind during their adventures in the wilderness, helping to maintain the natural beauty around them for others to enjoy.

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