In The News: Women pees in swimming pool thinking no-one will know, then this happened

This article from India Tv News, is a cautionary tale for any one who is desperate to pee and tempted to go in the swimming pool.

A woman was floating in the pool sitting on an inflatable chair but turns out, she wanted to relieve herself in the water. Watch the funny video captured and shared online.

A woman was having a good time in a swimming pool but decided to give everyone else including the authorities a bad time. The netizens are calling it an embarrassing moment. The female was enjoying her time in the pool but decided to relieve herself in the water thinking no one will notice and the water will just blend in.

But the authorities took it a step further making sure such a nuisance does not happen. They had made the swimming pool ‘pee-proof’ by installing a detection system and it is because of this the woman peeing in the water was caught and the video shared on social media.

Woman pees in swimming pool

The viral video showed a woman dressed in a bathing suit and seated on a floating tube. In a moment of urgency when she should have left the pool and gone to the bathroom, she decided to take a leak in the water instead. She may have thought that there was no way she could get caught but with the video going viral now, the world has its eyes on her. The video is getting a lot of funny reactions as the pool authorities turned out to be a bit more clever than her.

Netziens compare woman to ‘Amber Heard’.

The woman caught peeing in the swimming pool made quite the fool of herself. The internet took note of the video soon and it spread like wildfire. It is also a reminder that what should not be done in public places. Many also compared the woman who peed in the swimming pool with Hollywood actress Amber Heard, who was accused of taking a dump on her husband Johnny Depp’s bed.

One social media user wrote, “Amber is the new Karen (sic),” and another one said, “You’re no longer allowed in the pool (sic).” Yet another netizen commented, “Trying to deny something that’s scientifically factual is hilarious (sic).”

A lesson in swimming pool etiquette

The woman has set a reminder as to how to behave when using a public swimming pool. Hygiene-wise, such activities are a strict no-no. If you are stuck in a similar situation, then better make a quick journey to the bathroom.

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